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The Ministry of Health & Sanitation (MoHS) believes that access to sound health is a human right, its vision is to ensure a functional national health system delivering efficient, high quality health care services that are accessible, equitable and affordable for everybody in Sierra Leone and the overall goal is to maintain and improve the health of its citizens.

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Improving the Ministry of Health and Sanitation Infrastructure, Human resources, Service delivery, Quality of care

      • Invest in equipping health facilities with the basic equipment necessary for QoC.
      • Increase the bed capacity for inpatient services.
      • Improve the transport capacity for emergency services.
      • Increase the number of health care workers across the board. An initial step should be to establish a policy allowing for the absorption of health care workers currently offering services by part-time engagement or as volunteers
      • Focus deliberately on the training of specialist doctors, nurses and other cadres
      • Target investments to increase the availability of surgical methods of FP and FP services for adolescents
      • Make ANC services available at all health facilities, except specialized hospitals. Consider instituting incentives to increase ANC services at all PHUs and private facilities
      • Increase the availability of HIV testing, ART services and PMTCT services
      • Develop a functional system to receive follow-up information about patients referred for care and support services, especially when the services require referral to another facility. This is important for improving the outcome for HIV-infected persons and for preventing transmission





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