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The National Minerals Agency is a government institution established by an act of parliament in 2012. The NMA is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the Mines and Minerals Act (2009) and other mining acts and related regulations. This includes responsibility for mineral rights management, collecting and disseminating geological information and regulating the trading of precious minerals.

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Geodata Management Policy

This Policy seeks to show how Government intends to manage geological information in ways that will help all actors – Country, Companies, Communities – get a good deal from mineral assets. The preparation of this policy could not have happened at a better time than now when Government, with support from the World Bank, has embarked on a nationwide airborne geophysical survey. Prudent management of geological data that will be collected during this survey will be critical to Government’s long-term minerals development strategy and this Policy provides the framework within which Government will manage geological data.

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